My girlfriend married me

صديقتى تزوجتنى
صديقتى تزوجتنى
صديقتى تزوجتنى

I love my time at the beginning of my story with Samira 20 years and we are friends of childhood, where we live next to some of my favorite friend and was always praising the formal and total and we meet the first thing you see me says Bazk sweet forces Iahbh I was screaming and saying what I was talking to keep silent because I was threatened At the same time, I was relieved to talk inside. On the day she stretched out her hand to Shafi'i, she felt it and said, "I am in a bus. I laughed and said, 'You are a boy.'
She said with a strong love, I cried out in her mouth, oh crazy, and hit her on her hand, and I said if you were like this, then I would tell her why she was afraid, and she did not do so, and she did not say any need except the looks of lust. In her eyes, she did not see me, but I preferred this for more than two months, and frankly, I missed her words and the touch of her hands, and I was listening to my words and not threatening myself. On the day when I was in my womb, I was wearing a nightgown, and I was wearing a robe. I will die for you. What do you fear, I said, I do not know what to do with them, I said to myself, I will put them in the womb, I will have my skin tremble, and I will be burned. From under a waterfall of water and what I want to say I need and I stood up and started a Bosniac from Shafi'i and we were in a boisterous busier than the text of the hour.

She sucked and bitten and tapped my lips and supported her on my chest and I was blinded by what I was looking for but I naked and naked and Naima over me and I put in Bazzi madness and I mean I mean madness.

And I went out and I came to make sure that she was doing it for a week and I had a week for it, but I was thinking every night and I was doing it. I was hoping that she would come to my house and work, and if her mother were with us, she said that they would visit her family with his father and they would not let her down alone. Yea, I will say to her, I am her adversary. I said a present and said, Lama, let me go and sit with Samira two days what Tbsabh alone Mama I designed my soul after what I left alone I said I walked and went to love and she was Mstnani because her mother told her I am going to come and get together and entered me and she was wearing a pajamas and stood beside me and said to me I said, "I did not meet her. She pulled me out of my hand and said," My country. "

I have been wearing a nightgown I have been wearing a nightgown I have chosen one of them black clothes and was stereotyped and tight

And I cut my chest, and I gave it to the bed;

And my neck and I was saved, I remained the king of her hands and went out Bzazi and Tbos and Tlhs I got up to the dream and I fed and breastfeed more than the text of the hour and fell on her hands on my head and put her hands on the Xe

I stayed screaming of lust lifted up manly and put her pussy on my chest and hugged me and breastfolded in my chest as a young Yankini I was staying as they descended what we drowned

Some of us from below rose from above me and slept Jebno and I stayed Tbus in Shafiifi and breastfeed from the corner and say that you are from the lilah de times I am and grabbed my hand and dropped them on her bazha and say no I want to play in the Jawzak Cazn play in Bazazha and dream I met her on my lips with her lips I screamed and sat down tease I said to her, Salvation, I am not capable

And Talsh and suck to the extent I came down so much I faced all of the intensity and grew above it and the first time I speak and say I love you the forces of salvation I stayed your times Ante and Abos in Shevaifha and suck tongue, which suck my tongue to the extent we tired

And we grew tired and the morning of the morning, I met her Naimh above me and I saw in the eyes and when I said: I said his morning, his mother, his bride I said to her Ardaini I nursed breastfeed in Bazazi and I Atooh and the length of the day and we are Erian and every moment Tiji and breasted Shwe of Bazazi and I stayed in her stone, Sex is exciting

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